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We believe that everyone deserves to love their smile, but we understand that losing teeth can make it difficult to be confident when you smile. At Sebastopol Dental Care, we want to see you smile with those pearly whites again. We’re here to find you the best path to a smile you love. Read about our comprehensive dental implant services, and contact us today to start your journey.

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Single tooth implants are the most commonly used dental implants due to their permanence and durability. They are composed of two parts: the implant and the crown. The implant is secured to your gum and jaw and given time to heal. Then, a crown designed to match the shape and color of your teeth is attached to the implant. The implant should last your lifetime.

Full-arch implants are a common and more lasting alternative to traditional dentures. These implants replace sets of four to six teeth at a time, restoring the look of your natural teeth. They can be permanently attached in the same way as single tooth implants, or they can be added as removable overdentures. Dr. Patel is experienced in restoring smiles with full-arch implants.

Mini implants are about half the size of traditional dental implants, and they are typically used to support dentures in the lower jaw. They can also be used to replace a single tooth. Because they are so small, the procedure to implant them is not as invasive as other implants. Mini implants can be attached to your jaw even when it has been weakened by tooth loss.

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